Mobility Solutions

Powering land and maritime vehicles with connectivitywhile on the move.

ComClark Satellite Communications On-The-Move

Satellite communication networks allow organizations in remote locations to access the internet, provide emergency responders with critical communication links during disasters and states of emergency

ComClark has partnered with Kymeta in providing carrier-grade mobile satellite solutions for enterprise customers and the government, giving our customers the unparalleled and highly dependable connectivity while on the move.

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Solution Highlights

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Satellite Communications On-the-move

Access to real-time information while on the move, ComClark provides high-performance, aerodynamic, fully-integrated antenna, enabling reliable connectivity for any given scenario.

ComClark Advantage

Designed for Mobility

Slick and aerodynamic terminals which can be easily mounted on a variety of vehicles.

Low Latency

ComClark delivers unmatched througput, low-latency connectivity with flexible forward and return links.


Reliable and robust connectivity in different environments with intelligent session monitoring that allows users to set traffic prioritization.

Application Scenarios

Ambulance vehicle

Emergency Response

State-of-the-art, aerodynamic terminals for operations during times of disaster with highly efficient real-time voice and data.

ship vehicle

Maritime Border Patrol

Highly reliable and effective for mobile operation in the sea designed for any size vessel and connectivity requirement.

Military truck

Mobile Command Center

A secure ecosystem coupled with satellite network synergy enables user to asses emergency situations and communicate at any given moment anywhere.

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