ComClark Datacasting

Transmit private data securely to any number of location simultaneously.

Solution Overview


Essentially an effective and economical solution of transmitting private data, secured files, music and audio content, educational materials, to a number of locations simutaneously using satellite or broadband to carry data to a nearly infinite number of receivers.

Advantages of Datacasting Solution

The main advatange of Datacasting lies in its utilization of inherent broadcasting concept of providing data to multiple locations in concurrence.

Datacasting is a powerful option for proving cost-effective private data transmission for a variety of applications, which benefit from point-multipoint capability of modern digital long, medium and shortwave transmissions.

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Private Data Transmission via Satellite

Datacasting architecture

Application Scenarios

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Distance Learning

Deliver educational materials and instructional content remotely and provide students with access to quality education.

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Media Distribution

Transmit audio and video content securely in various locations at the same time.

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Emergency Alerts

Provide critical information to disaster-prone areas with real-time data.

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