Content Delivery Network

Provide better user experience by accelerating the delivery of content from the origin servers. The service allows end users to obtain the content from the nearest node using our Intelligent Caching Technology.

ComClark Advantage



Deliver millions of files and gigabytes of data with ease, at low latency and high transfer speeds. Edge nodes automatically scale up to match demand.



Caching content on CDNs reduces the number of requests to origin servers, saving up to 70% of the equivalent bandwidth costs.



Protect your websites, files, and video behind CDN with built-in basic DDoS attack protection, anti-honking, IP blocklists, and encrypted transmission.

Solution Highlights

Accelerate Static and Dynamic Content

Enhance customer experience with a faster, more reliable web and mobile performance.


Quick Setup

Domain names can be connected and configured in just a few simple steps.

Secure Acceleration

Easy configuration of HTTPS and referer validation ensures secure content delivery.

Flexible Configuration

Static content can be cached temporarily or permanently, whereas dynamic content is uncached.

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Application Scenarios

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Web Acceleration

Accelerates websites, portals, e-commerce stores, and social media apps.

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Faster File Downloads

The perfect choice for download clients, game clients, and app stores. It speeds up the delivery of the app files and game updates.

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HLS Acceleration

Easily handle unpredictable traffic spikes and intensive throughput requirements for high quality video content streaming.

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