1. What must I do to check my connection speed?


Try to download a file, then multiply your download rate by 8 and the result will be your average download speed. You may also try conducting a speed test by visiting http://speedtest.net.


2. Why am I not getting the advertised speed in my chosen plan?


Your actual speed is usually lower than the advertised speed due to numerous factors like viruses, adware, malware, condition and setting of computer, hardwares, and other factors.


3. What kind of support can I receive from ComClark in case of connectivity problems?


ComClark has a 24/7 call center that assists clients with their connection problems. Should the problem require a visit from our technician, a 24-hour response time is assured.


4. Can I connect more than one computer to the Internet with my subscription?


Our regular plans assume a one PC one connection rule. The client has the option to use a router to share the connection to more than one computer. However, keep in mind that the bandwidth provided in the chosen package does not change but is only shared among the computers being added to the same connection.

5. Can I keep the Cable Modem if I discontinue the service from ComClark?


No. The cable modem and any other equipment installed by ComClark to provide you with the internet service remain to be the company's property and need to be returned upon termination of service.


6. How long is the lock-in period?


   The lock-in period is 24 months.


7. I want a faster internet service, how can I upgrade my subscription?


If you want to get a plan with faster speed, you can apply for an upgrade of service. Just visit any of our business centers and fill-out the request for a service upgrade.


8. I currently have a regular plan, how do I shift to an internet + cable TV bundled service?


To shift to a bundled service, make sure that your current account is in good standing which means you don't have outstanding dues. Visit any of our business office to fill-out an application form and submit the necessary requirements.